So you should be well aware by now that I have a passion for travel, and I would say you do too if you have interest in my blog. Did you know that I got into travel vlogging only a couple of years ago – it so happened that I used to watch so many travel videos and vlogs that would go viral on facebook and youtube that I decided to do a small course in vlogging.

That’s when my confidence grew infront of the camera and my love for creating and editing travel vlogs arose. Now I have several Youtube videos from all over the globe – where ever I go I will always take my GoPro( yes I still use the trusty GoPro) I am yet to get myself a vlogging camera but its definitely on the list of things to purchase in 2020 and get myself back on track.

From Scotland, New Zealand, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Samoa + so much more all over the globe I have been exploring and filming my travels so those who need a travel fix are able to see what its like or to show those friends and family back home what they are missing out on. People love them, I get so many message and comments on them all the time – I am glad they make people happy and they get to do a little travel in their own way from where ever they are in the world.

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Just a few of my Travel Vlogs include:

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