Happy New Year! We go into 2023 with the new season on the horizon but good to look back at 2022 first. Never thought I would have almost 200 members on this project and I’ve been overwhelmed by your comments and feedback. In all my years covering Kleague it was the most enjoyable and largely that’s down to your engagement and also down to the game that we all love Sorare.

I’ve been blown away by the amount of knowledge out there on the K League these days from you guys as well as other patreons but I’m keen to stay on top and provide the best information - in 2023 we’ll start with all the latest transfer moves - we’ve already seen success in this area and members had a heads up on Celtic target Kwon Hyeok-gyu 3 months ago. Then we’ll move onto season previews and then our bread and butter - as accurate as possible weekly predictions.

New season means new membership and new discord

I’d be delighted if you could join us at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Kleaguenglish - 2023 membership available for $11 a month or $90 a year. Yes - prices have increased but it’s still among the cheapest patreons and I think the info I provide easily covers that cost through trading and thresholds. You’ll get access to the members only discord as well as the buymeacoffee website. Hope you can join us in there and let’s enjoy seeing Ulsan fight off Di Matteo’s Jeonbuk to retain the title. 😉

Existing members will need to cancel their current subscription and sign up to the new one. The previous membership is still active as it can’t be deleted so just beware that you may still be charged if you don’t cancel - I’ve set it to the minimum amount of $1.

For payment - you can pay directly on the site by a credit card (please use a regular email address and remember your log in details) or contact me on Twitter @kleaguenglish or @sorarekleague or discord Horangi#2173 to arrange other means. I accept PayPal and eth transfer on sorare.

Look forward to speaking to many of your in 2023!