That's right! We arent exclusive to just snakes.

Zeppy, a leopard gecko, came to us earlier this summer from someone in Central Minnesota. Thinking he was a female, his previous human had him living in the same 20 gallon tank with another male leopard gecko! Cohabitation ("cohabbing") of reptiles is an age-old controversy and can work out in some situations. But when it fails, it usually ends in blood 😬

2 male leopard geckos should NEVER live together. In this case, they were! Zeppy had been attacking and bullying his tank mate and neither of them were eating because of it! Uh oh! In fact, when Zeppy was given to us, his human wasn't even sure of what he would eat because he didn't seem to like to chase his crickets. He was underweight and pretty stressed out. Can you find him in this pic? 🤭

When he got here, he got a good soak for some stuck toe skin and I quickly discovered that he is a male! He got his own tank and plenty of love and opportunities to explore. And, while he DID love chasing down his crickets for us, he was way more into the mealworms we breed here at home. He's a voracious eater and really fun to watch! He quickly got up to an appropriate weight, his stuck toe skin came off with some soaking, and, now that he was eating happily and no longer bullying anyone, it was time to see him get a forever home.

He went to an awesome person west of the cities who was searching for a companion animal. Zeppy fit the bill perfectly and we were way too happy to see that he was going somewhere that would love him and hang out with him. We get updates on how he's doing and, I promise all of you, he is living in an absolute leopard gecko palace!!

Our first successful rehoming! But we sure do miss that dude. Here he is on his final night here with us, being adorable and awesome.