Tested army group tactics during combat drill and it worked surprisingly well. Managed to take me into enemy land and burn lots of bases as well as chase down their troops.

My build for enemy base burning: Command 25 / Coordination 35

Important drive with a high level Super heavy tank and the rest only fast units Tank hunter, Medium, light tanks also rocketlunacher works good to have one or two.


Army Formation: extra troop capacity

Suicide Squad for extar damage and reservs for extar duribility.

Field Army tow extar troop capacity

Extra firepower and Duribility.

Front Army this make it posible to have 15 troops in your army group.



The influence of sea power extra Firepower for liberty troops. The science of war extra duribility for liberty. Summary of the art of war Vanguard duribility for the Super Heavy Tank in your scuad. I mostly run liberty Tank hunter and medium thats why i go for the liberty buffs.

Napoleon Selected works extra firepower.

The Command of The Air Extra damage resist for the Super heavy tank. Armored Warfare damage resist for Liberty and Straregy for extra Liberty damage.

How Great Generals Win Officer skill damage boost.

This is how I have distributed my points for my formation to attack the enemy with fast units and burn their bases.

Has skipped Mixed units and Special units. Because they mean that you have to drive with all three units tanks, artillery and infatery. Or just have one and the same unit in the group. I choose to only drive with one slow unit Super Heavy Tank and no attilery because it is difficult to defend the troops in an army group.

Therefore, it becomes easier to only specialize it to fast units then you can interrupt the enemy’s counterattack. With this formation you can burn their bases and destroy their troops.