warpath strategies, information play smart to grow effectively. Sometimes it can be a little confusing and find the right event to invest in.

To play smart, you need to save your resources so you can get the most rewards. This can be done by running events that go every week 7 days event with the so-called jurisdiction event.

If you maximize a jurisdiction, you get good rewards, you can then simultaneously maximize the second event, you get double rewards.

So plan your buildings when you are going to use coupons (To maximize a jurisdiction requires 80 coupons) so save and play smart to grow with the help of events.

Then comes the events that are only active for a couple of days, these you should focus on if you have the resources for it, otherwise if you do not complete them, it is better to save. Because those are just the last rewards you really want. Then it is clearly better if you can get all the rewards than just a small number.

plan and play smart