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After quiet some time trying to start up my business, I finally got the courage to do it. 

I studied graphic design, but still wanted my ideas moving around. During my studies, I decided to switch my career path to animation. It is a completely different world! I believe the joy and freedom I feel letting my ideas flow, need to be shared for good causes. That is why, I decided to donate some of my time and work to non-profit organizations. 

I am a mom first. Being worried about my daughter's future and kids knowledge in the world, I decided to support causes that empower good teachers and consequently, effective and ideal learning experience for kids.

Since science is one of my favorite topics and it explains the world around us, I am focusing in helping  science educators. So far, I have supported educators that love their job and are truly altruistic. The non-profit companies I have supported with my creations are: 

Indeed, your contribution of a cup of coffee can help me continue rolling and rocking! 

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