NOTE: This project will be delayed. I wrote with Aymen regarding tables in MacrosEngine. He states, that MacrosEngine might only rely on DataTables. This means, that the current implementation will not work, since it atm. only works with multi-dimensional arrays. In a normal language, these two types (DataTable and Multi-Dimensional Arrays) are two completely different from each other. Therefore, I will not develop further on this plugin, until a final decision has been made by Aymen 😊

I have an announcement to make! 😁

So I've lately seen posts on Facebook by users of MacrosEngine, who want more functions for the MacrosEngine Table. And I decided a few days ago, when talking to a MacrosEngine user, that I will be making this MacrosEngine Plugin. 🤩

Planned Features

  • Table Search

    • Search for an item in the table, and return the row number (maybe also column number?)

  • Table Sort

    • Sort a table by column.

  • Table Delete

    • Delete a row from a table.

These are the ones I've planned for now. But I would love to hear, what features you have in mind! If you do have any ideas, you can simply comment below. I will make sure to consider every feature you would like to be added! 😎

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Thank you for reading, and we will talk soon! 😁