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Buying a shiny new Graphics Tablet! <3

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Buying a shiny new Graphics Tablet! <3

Hello, My name is Kym and I LOVE COFFEE. OKAY!?

Hey ladies and gents!

I wanted to be able to give you something back in return for visiting my page and helping me towards my target of a new Graphics Tablet. With that in mind, I will be uploading my OC ''Ghoul'' drawings and comic strips here in the updates section below.  

I welcome support of any kind! So please feel free to share the page with your friends if you can't afford to buy <3>
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At least have a coffee on me..

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Here Kym.  As promised, a cup of joe.  Cheers!

. Ty Lee! Really appreciate it! 

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Coffee, the life blood of many of my mornings, afternoons, and occasional evenings. Please enjoy these ones!. 

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Coffee coming right up!

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Enjoy your coffee (: