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About Me

Hi! My name is Brandon McFarlin and I currently live in Boston, MA working for Adobe.

Home Automation

Currently, I am working with the Homebridge Team to develop homebridge-nest-cam, a plugin for Google Nest cameras to allow seamless integration with Apple's Homekit. I also maintain both homebridge-fordpass, a plugin to connect your Fordpass enabled vehicle to HomeKit, and homebridge-ezviz, a plugin to view your EZVIZ cameras in HomeKit.


I maintain the popular reddit bot u/gifendore which allows users to pull the last frame of those pesky GIFs that end too soon.


I maintain the Reddit bot ranking site, made to keep Redditors informed on bots both good and bad.

Monthly Sponsoring?

If you would like to support my projects on a monthly basis, you can sponsor me on GitHub.

What will you do with my donation?

Any funds I receive will go towards future development of my projects which are designed to make your life easier. Any support is greatly appreciated!