Buy LAneFields a coffee


Hey 👋 The pen name around here is Lishy. After going through a period of dark times, mentally and physically challenging, I found my love for writing. My stories blossomed on Wattpad and I received beautiful support through messages, comments, votes and so much more. And although I always thought that would be enough, I’ve realized I would love to make this my “side hustle” because, honestly, the nursing field isn’t easy. Working fulltime + OT every week has put me into burnout, fatigue and overall unhappiness again. So I decided to make a BMAC to see how much support I could get. I’ll be posting snippets to my story ideas and book covers I’ve created! I’ll never beg for someone to donate but I’d be cool :) help an author out so I could buy a keyboard for my iPad or, the dream, not work as much and put that time into writing. 

Thank you all so much in advance!