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An understanding of the hallmarks of aging is at the heart Dr. Nick Bitz's mission to achieve a long healthy life. The hallmarks are the functional mechanisms - such as mitochondrial health - that drive the aging process. The challenge is to identify how lifestyle interventions can be implemented to mitigate the decline in biological resilience of the human body. Dr. Bitz is a Los Angeles-based naturopathic doctor specializing in integrative medicine. He works alongside other medical practitioners, biohackers and scientists - collectively called the Neurohacker Collective - with the common goal of optimizing our quality of life. In this interview we cover: - The mission to improve people's lives and optimize human performance - Defining nootropics - cognitive enhancers - and their role in everyday health - Dr. Bitz's health journey as a naturopathic physician specializing in Ayurveda - What it means to be 'holistic' - How dietary supplements can be used as a "tool" for longevity - Covid, flu and immunity - The Nine Hallmarks of Aging and why they matter - Embracing senolytics, a new class of drugs to rejuvenate and regenerate the body's cells - The "critical" importance of exercise - The evidence that shows that a lifespan of 120 is "absolutely achievable" - Panchakarma as a detox therapy - Meditation, sun salutations and breathing exercises - Reasons to aspire for longevity