There is a lot of pressure in this post, because I have to write something inspiring, because that's my jam you know? Writing inspiring stuff. I also have to write something entertaining, but at the same time it has to be something that helps you understand who I am.

So I guess I'll say that I was born in Calgary Alberta on April 10th 1983 which makes me 37 this year, just a few weeks away actually, I am pretty excited about this.

The fact that I made it to thirty-seven is a miracle given the life that I have led, so I feel pretty blessed about the fact that I am still here.

I don't have children but I do have a cat named Bella, and I write fiction, as well as non-fiction stories about my life.

Over the years I have often been in a place of wondering why bad things kept happening to me, it wasn't until I had the time to really think about my life that I realized I was living in a cycle of toxicity because I was miserable and misery loves company.

It's through writing, dancing, drawing and painting that I started to peel back the layers of who I could be, that I began to understand who I want to be.

This page will be about the positives of self reflection and learning to understand why we do the things we do. I hope you enjoy my offering's here.

Love you always,

Devon J Hall