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Caught Some Zero1; It Kicked Ass

From Zero1 (1.01.20): Yuji Hino vs. Yuji Okabayashi [****½]: This was a certified hoss battle and overall an excellent match as these two brutalized each other. There was no fucking around here,... more

23 January

Tonight’s 411 on Wrestling Podcast Run Sheet

* Intro *AEW Dynamite (1.22.20) Review* NXT TV (1.22.20) Review * The Head to Head Comparison * NWA Hard Times Preview * WWE World’s Collide Preview * WWE Royal Rumble... more

22 January

CMLL FantasticaMania 2020 Thoughts

I love the yearly CMLL FantasticaMania tour. It’s a lovely break from NJPW proper following WrestleKingdom, and the four aired shows all clocked in at under 2.5 hours long, which in an era of... more

22 January

The Official Halliwell (Charmed) Power Rankings

These are the final and definitive rankings, no arguments will be tolerated. 1. Pheobe (Alyssa Milano) 2. Patty (Mom/ ‎Finola Hughes) 3. Prue (Shannen Doherty) 4. Piper (Holly Marie Combs) 5.... more

22 January

BEYOND WRESTLING heading to TV? Pilot Gets Green Light

Following the success of Uncharted territory as a weekly series and a growth in overall popularity Beyond Wrestling, has been given the green light to film a special “network pilot” on Sunday,... more

22 January