Hello Quilter!

I hope you had a good week.

We have a full schedule today for Quilt Conversations LIVE! Join the conversation anytime.

QCL begins at 7pm, (EST) and will continue the Echo Quilting conversation with:

  • 1) Echo quilting design ideas

  • 2) Echo quilting show & share from QCL community

  • 3) QCL Zoom After Party

Join the "After Party" Let's have another conversation and get to know one another. It starts at 8:30pm.

After part link https://www.buymeacoffee.com/LWQuilter/extras

The Show & Share after party is FREE to QCL members. Members, click the link and add the number "ZERO" for join for free. Click PAY, to get the Zoom link.

  • 1) Share ONE highlight from the QCL conversation

  • 2) Show a quilt project inspired by QCL or a LWQ video

  • 3) Get know the QCL Date Night ladies

See you soon