My name is Joshua Dunlop; I’m a Concept Artist living in Surbiton, London, England.

My name is Joshua Dunlop; I’m a Concept Artist living in Surbiton. I finished my Masters in Concept Art for Game and Animation at Teesside University in Middlesbrough in September 2015 and have since been working as a freelance artist. Teesside is the only MA of its kind in the UK and has given me access to some amazing classes and opportunities. Before this, I was entirely self-taught and trained myself in a variety of techniques. (I’m a fast learner)  I was able to hone my skills in light and colour, and develop my understanding of design and composition. I aim to create realistic and visually powerful work and use blended elements of digital painting and photo manipulation to get work done quickly without compromising on its visual aesthetic. Throughout my life, I have worked in both hospitality management and the film industry, both in front and behind the camera, which has given me a strong work ethic and communication skills. My MA has provided me with clean and efficient visual communication skills, whilst keeping me to fast and tight deadlines. I have always had a passion for Film, Television, and Games and I’ve aspired to create unique and interesting artwork. With the current quality of today’s technology, I feel its potential is almost limitless, which is incredibly exciting and inspiring. Until my Masters, I was completely self-trained and personally pushed myself to develop high skills in traditional media. When I discovered Photoshop, I found it easy to transfer these skills. However, I’m always learning new things and trying to excel in something new. I’ve recently broadened my work to include 3D, which turns out to be very popular. I currently work with programs like 3D-Coat, Zbrush, Megascans Studio, and Keyshot. Software Photoshop Cs6 – CC Wacom Cintiq Tablet Mac Microsoft Office Zbrush (Learning) 3D-Coat KeyshotProduction Skills Translatable sketch and drafting skills Visual Communication Verbal and digital Communication Light, perspective and colour Theory Digital Painting Photo manipulation Life Drawing Creature and Character Development Environment design Vehicle and Weapon Design Traditional media – Ink, Pencil, Pen, Paint .etc. Script writing Storyboards
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Your Pokémon work is so incredible and brings such joy to my children (and my husband and me,also). I reached out to you seeking advice for encouraging my 9 yr old to explore his love of drawing. And you replied back with the longest, most detailed and encouraging message. It impressed me so much and I appreciate the role model you are to your fans.

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