Buy Ladiekatie a coffee



Hey 👋 I just created a page here.  I am always giving you 110% and, if you’d like, you can now buy me a coffee!

I under promise and over deliver.  I give more than I ask.  When what you make is made by love, with love, for love, it tends to ooze out everywhere - in a good way.  My art is my invitation to you to be vulnerable.  Sometimes I may be the first person a client shares his or her most intimate experiences with—whether it be drawing a custom illustration for her baby shower, or to remember and honor her best four legged friend.  Developing these relationships takes time and love.  My art isn’t about quantity - it is about CONNECTION. 

I don’t think you have to always have to get it right - you just have to show up.  AND KEEP SHOWING UP!  That is what I created the DAY ONE planners for - TO CHEER YOU ON EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  And it is my honor to do so.  INVEST IN YOURSELF.  TAKE THE RISK.  FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.  Aim for progress over perfection.  Face your fears.  Value yourself.  Celebrate your accomplishments.  Whatever you do, JUST KEEP GOING.  KEEP SHOWING UP.  TODAY IS DAY ONE.  I believe in you 💗. 

Through my legal career, advocating for children in child welfare, and my art (donating a percent of proceeds the SFSPCA to help animals in need and CASA helping children in foster care), I’m just trying to live my life’s mission of sprinkling a little hope and happiness into peoples’ hearts and homes.   I’m able to do this work with the love and support of my partner in crime, my rescue maltese/shih tzu and the Ladie Katie Director of Fluffiness, Molly (@mollythemaltishit) and Australian import husband, Adam.

They say don’t mix work and pleasure but it is surely my pleasure to have the opportunity to work with and connect with people all over the globe from my little studio by the beach.