“Some Killer Pantyhose” by Lesley Patterson AKA Lady Opaque of WritingBeautifully.com

They said to just be proper, that women are seen not heard.
They said to hold your tongue, that you’d better not speak a word.
We grew strong in the shadows, while men soaked up the light.
We’ve provided for our families; we have fought the good fight.
We have gathered from the corners of the cobwebs in your mind,
to shine some light on women’s lib and see what else there is to find.
In this male misogynistic world of good old boys,
we have gotten rather bored, but we are bringing our own new toys.
A new day is upon us, women in business are ever more succeeding,
and the statistics are out the window now, as they often are misleading.
Yes, even today a man makes more take home pay then a lady…
Depressing yes, I know, and just crazy and real shady.
A woman’s work is never done, ah yes; so undoubtedly true.
For we are the ones who can accomplish it, there is nothing that women cannot do!
So, ladies burn those bras and read those books,
get those degrees, to hell with looks!
It is time to stand taller than we’ve ever stood before,
it’s time to raise our voices to a lioness’s roar.
Let’s stomp our feet, let’s make a scene,
no longer will we stay at home to cook and clean.
We are changing things, this is a new paradigm,
out with the old. let the new age begin.
We want to see more female owned small businesses and shops.
We want females empowered; we need more lady cops!
We need to understand that times have changed but minds are stuck,
and thus, cut us from the chains that have kept women in the muck.
We want to see more companies with lady CEOs,
We want clear equality, same rates of pay, and some killer pantyhose.
We want to see more of the strong women that make us proud,
we want to be recognized, respected; and to be both bold and loud.
Of these rights we should never be held back or denied,
such a shame this still needs to be said…”Oh Mother Mary, crucified!”
Equality is key, as is self-actualization and the realization,
that cheating women cheats us all; we all lose as a nation.
You can complain, you can call us wrong, it’s your right to if you want,
but we will be damned if we keep taking this unfair crap you flaunt!
So, ladies, lovers, feminists, let us make ourselves very clear,
we are not going anywhere, and there is nothing that we fear!

Feminist poem by Lesley Patterson AKA Lady Opaque of www.WritingBeautifully.com

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