I truly love my kids, but there are moments I look at them and think I miss being a kid. Think about it they get to play most of the day, while learning, eat, use bathroom in some way, and sleep. Yet take a second to look at life through their eyes. My middle child will cry bloody murder if his rubble Paw Patrol doll is missing. To an adult this is silly, but to a kid this doll has been on some adventures, been found countless times, and been in battle.

My oldest son will pick moments to take off his shirt. Now it's not because he likes to be shirt free. It's because my sweet boy like to fight with his shirt off like they do on tv shows and movies. This boy loves anything that has fighting in it. If I could find a safe way for him to do martial arts I will.

He also loves to eat which revolves around him asking me for food all day long. He will look at me and expect me to always say yes, and when I utter the death word no he pouts and stomps off to lay in bed. I just look at him and think yea still not giving it to you rudeness.

Now baby girl the little lady of the bunch will give you a run for your money. She will smile at you only for her to smack then laugh and do it again. She loves to fight and always want's her way. This girl will play with your emotions then smile at you like you wrong. I stare at the Diva who everyone says acts like me, and think ahhh so this is why they warned me about girls. Me and you will do battle, but I will always love you.

Yes I wanted a girl to make it fair, it's horrible being the only female. Now I have back up in the form of mini me. When her brother's come for me; she will follow up with some throws of her own. Leave my momma alone only I can smack her. Well thank you for the love but why so violent.

Just a look into having three toddlers running crazy on a daily. I hope this is a fun read for you. If you would like a another story let me know, I have plenty and please tip. it will help keep these toddlers with a roof over their heads right now while we fight to get our life back after catching Covid-19. Please stay safe and Covid-19 Free.