My kids make every day crazy fun. There was a moment that I stood to the side, and listened to my boys play. Apparently on this faithful day Billy the Blue Power Ranger toy had to rescue the mermaid from Miles spider man, and Spider-man had to decide what team he was going to fight on. Now I listened to this adventure for a good minute, even their sister got involved because well they was playing with her toy.

It amazed me to just listen to their play time, and see how much fun they was having. To them this was real and not imagination. This moment for them was to save that mermaid with the best team possible. While listening to their adventure I listened to my boys fight each other to rescue the mermaid. Spider-man decided to help save the mermaid, because he was a hero and Miles had to remind him of this. I'm standing there like ooo this is getting good. Kids have a quick way of sucking you into they play time. The mermaid thanked them after the rescue stating my heroes. Miles took Billy to jail, and spider-man took the damsel in distress home. Well tried to till their sister decided she was over it and threw her.

Now there are moments that my kids want to fight and make their parents join in. Now their father ain't about to get up and fight after just getting off work. He looks at them amused and just says fight each other. Then they look at me and my middle child strikes a blow. Now my kids know me well no hit goes without getting hit back. He is very wise, so of course being me I hit him back. This proceeds a battle with the middle doing blows, and the oldest telling him what to do, and hitting then running so he doesn't get hit back. As mentioned before I have back up in the form of their one year old sister. She comes from no where and start's hitting them back. I take that moment to grab the boys and wrestle them to the ground while she hits and I tickle. As their father looks on shaking his head laughing.

Now as we speak my kids are fighting about who tablet is who. This is very normal for them because they are always fighting. I just let them fight it out till they come to me about it. Now in my head I'm thinking “ugh not again why me why!!! I don't care whose tablet is who just get on the one I gave you and sush. Out loud I simply look at them and yell go sit down where you was daddy's twin. He looks at me mad and I'm looking at him and he proceeds to scrunch up his face. Now this look annoys me cause it's like dude you too handsome to be doing that. On top of that what is that look supposed to do. It's not going to make me change my mind. Now he stays like this for awhile waiting for me to change my mind. Now I stay where I am and proceed to find something for my daughter to watch, because she is always busy and some shows make her sit down. Sadly Cocomelon is one of the shows she loves. I put this on for her while looking over at my son still mad, but sitting right where I told him to. He still had the face but I still won because he knew I wouldn't feed into his nonsense. See my kids know I will ignore them half the time because I don't feed into nonsense. When you want to do what I say I got you, but when you want to throw a temper tantrum, or say something smart I ignore.

Another day in the life of having toddlers but madness.