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If you'd like to support the work that my husband Mark and I do, then you can use Buymeacoffee to send donations to us directly. We don't actually use these donations to go buy coffee, but to pay our living expenses so we can keep working on writing books, and I can make videos. These donations are our only source of income, as we don't make any money from the sale of our books, and all the rest of our work is provided for free.

By supporting our work, you enable us to keep building and growing, by continuing research and development into the Religion of the Sun and making resources available to the public about it, which are as accessible as possible.

One-off donation or membership

All donation amounts are in USD.

You can send us a one-off donation of $5 USD or more - just click on "Support" and enter the number of $5 "coffees" until you get to the total you want. A one-off "coffee" at $5 USD is the minimum you can donate.

Or you can sign up to send us a set amount to be automatically charged each month using a "Membership." If you'd like to send us a certain amount per month, and don't see it as an option, please let me know and I can add it as an option. Membership can be cancelled at any time. If you have any issues, please reach out to support at Buymeacoffee They are very responsive and helpful. If you are still having difficulties, you can email me via

IMPORTANT: If you would like your donation to remain anonymous in the public view, please do not fill out the name field, which is optional. Adding a message is also optional, but if you like, you can check the box to make your message private, and only I will see it. If you like, you can then add your name into the message field for only me to see.

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