Buy Lashes of change a bit of support


Hello beautiful humans👋 WELCOME to my little slice of the interweb.   I had a dream to launch a crowdfunding campaign to get support for my beautiful mascara brand - that was until I found out how much money most people need to put into said crowdfunding campaign.  A decent campaign can cost you upwards of $50K. That just doesn't sit well with me, so instead I wanted to give this platform a go!  I want to focus on manufacturing real products that I could get out into your hands to actually try.  So I've decided to see if I can grow a mini crowd funding campaign here instead to help me with my first initial production run - so for this I need $10k.  If you love what I'm doing, and would like to be a part of my tribe and help me deliver on my vision of a world first - customisable, refillable, vegan mascara that is Eco-friendly AND gives back to others, please consider buying me a coffee or 2 or more.  Together we will create the biggest single innovation that mascara has seen in almost 100 years, significantly reduce the landfill waste that normal cosmetic brands create with their mass production ethos and significantly reduce the throw away portion of cosmetics!  I envision a better world and a better way for us to enjoy mascara and I'd love for you to help me create it.  Massive hugs and huge thanks to all who buy me a coffee. See you on the other side, Tania x