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Hi all! My name is Laura Hepworth, I'm an independent studio jeweller creating one-of-a-kind historical and fantasy inspired designs. I'm also a young adult/new adult scifi/fantasy indieauthor and freelance illustrator/concept artist. 

I've been creating jewellery since I fell in love with it when I was 6, but my writing and digital painting journey is much more recent. During a bad situation at my old 'day-job,' writing became an escape for me and, in 2017, I self-published my first novel and soon came to love digital painting while creating the cover art.

If you like my jewellery, artwork, and writing, I'd love some caffeine! We artists and authors survive on copious amounts of coffee, tea, and/or cocoa! Your support will also help me to continue in my art/writing and bring you more great pieces/books!


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