Welcome to October everyone! It's a new month with some new (and some old) plans!

I don't really have any jewellery plans this month so I've excluded it from the list of this month's plans. However, if I have time, I may still do some jewellery work as there are a few things I'd like to do and, Lord willing, I will have an art show coming up in November to get ready for.

Art Goals:

  • Make some more progress on the creature concept paint, preferably finishing the rough paint of the scales.

  • Finish the new painting I started last week.

  • Release the new painting as a 4k and 8k wallpaper (patron-only)

  • Release a new texture/reference image pack

  • Work on the second character portrait

  • Experiment with Blender

  • Possibly work on an accompanying art piece for a previous SFF's September's 75 Word Writing Challenge.

Writing Goals:

  • Release chapter (draft) 8 of An Inkling of Magic. (Coming on Monday!)

  • Write November's chapter draft of An Inkling of Magic.

  • Add at least 8-10k words to resurrecting book 2 of The Gemquist Chronicles (total word count is now almost 47K after writing another 1,500+ words yesterday).

  • Release chapter (draft) 5 of From the Ashes.

  • Finish writing chapter 9 of From the Ashes.

  • Possibly enter SFF's October's 75 Word Writing Challenge.

As usually, plans may have to be adjusted, or new ones may come in, as the month goes on, but these are my current project goals for October.

I'd also like to thank everyone that's voted so far in my poll from yesterday! Based on your current feedback, I'm going to continue with the current posting schedule for chapter drafts but might, every now and then, decide to surprise you with a bonus chapter. Also, I've not forgotten about my earlier poll regarding everyone's favorite fairy tale, and am contemplating ideas for a new artwork and/or jewellery piece based on the current poll results!