"They're not wrong when they say a dragon is attracted to treasure, we are. Many of my kind pride themselves on their grand collections of gemstones and gold, and the way that the light dances off of them is like a siren's beckoning call. But,... not all dragons are the same, and not all treasure is gold. I should know, as I am one such dragon. A different sort of dragon, and the treasure that I seek is not found in the depths of the earth or in the vault of kings, but in their words, for I, Aecaris of Libredinn, am a Book-Wyrm."


It took me an incredibly long time, but I really love this painting! I started this piece quite some time ago, but had to set it aside when I got stuck on the wings. This was my first time painting a dragon, so I had a lot of problem solving I had to do and, a few months ago, I finally got back to it and finished the piece. I simply couldn't resist the idea of bookworm vs. bookwyrm and of a dragon hoarding books rather than gold!

Painted in Corel Painter;

Prints available on ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/rilaiss/prints