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Hello! I’m Lauralyn, author of The Dove Deck. 

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A Little About Me

Started my career as a journalist in New York. A rare neurological condition led to me digging deeper into self-care and trusting my instincts, and inspired me to work in the wellness field, helping others with their stress and challenges in life.

My Experience

I’m certified in cognitive behavioral life coaching, yoga therapy, Pilates, mindfulness meditation and Reiki. I've worked for the military, corporations, wellness centers and individuals seeking the benefits of relaxation therapies. I've enjoyed working with people from all walks of life, from all over the world. We all share this in common: wanting more peace in a stressful world. My practice is called Yoga for Heroes, inspired by the heroic people I've worked with who are making a difference in the world. 

Thank You For Supporting My Work

Your contributions help me continue to provide quality content on an ongoing basis. Creating useful content that can uplift someone’s day or inspire an Ah-ha moment is my mission. 

Much Appreciation for YOU!

Thank you so much for the love! I look forward to supporting your wellness journey.

Watch a video we recently filmed about The Dove Deck here.

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