Welcome to your self-care post today! I was going to draw one card but these two popped out together. These can be read as the #2 spread for Relationships, individually, or however makes sense for you today. You know best how your spirit guides and higher self are reaching out.

Today’s cards include a prayer and healing affirmation. This tells me today’s practice is first letting go of what you can’t control, giving it to God. And then focusing on what is in your power to do.

Balance and Healing.

  • Prioritize.

  • Simplify.

  • Ground.

  • Bring love to the part of your self and life that has been put to the side when things gets busy.

Today’s healing affirmation…

Divine love and wisdom guides my mind, body, and spirit. I am healing, and being healed, right now.

What do you think today’s prayer and affirmation are trying to tell you? How is God supporting you today?

If these cards make you think of someone you know, or a recent conversation, feel free to pass them onto that person. It may support their faith that they really are being watched over!

Life isn’t something to master, it’s something to experience. For most of us, achieving a perfect balance between work, self-care, relationships, family, etc. isn’t a realistic expectation. Some days one part of your life may need more care than another. Sometimes, many things need your attention and that juggle can be tough.

It’s important to prioritize when there is a lot you want to get done. Write a list of your goals for the day or week and notice any that aren’t pressing. For example, if you have a work deadline and laundry can wait, the deadline comes first. Or drop off your laundry to be professionally washed for you if that helps.

Prioritizing the most urgent goals and delegating or holding off on the ones that don’t need to be done now will simplify your schedule.

Be clear about what can’t be negotiated vs. what has no immediate deadline.

Be clear about what is causing the most stress for you and tackle that first.

Be clear about what you want to achieve vs. what needs to get done.

When even the smallest task is tagged in the brain as urgent, the body will unleash a stress response. To keep stress in check, don’t worry about the little things you wish could be a certain way today. Let your house be messy. Or your desk disorganized. Or the dishes sit there, for now.

While one tiny section of your life looks messy, you are accomplishing something way more important that will bring you peace of mind.

Whatever it is that feels more important right now—whether work, self-care, quality time with family—do it because that’s your intuition letting you know what you really need right now.

Today’s runes translate to “fire” and “blessings from above.” The one that looks like an “F” is called the “god” rune. I lowercased the “g” in the old Norse tradition because they were polytheistic, believing in many gods/deities.

I personally believe in one God as well as spiritual beings like angels and saints, so I read this rune for myself as one of these spirit guides showing up for me. You can read it however the divine speaks to you.

The rune on the left that looks like a math symbol or “V” indicates passion and asking for help when you need it. Here’s how it can be read with the Balance card:

  • Supporting balance through diet, lifestyle, self-care routine or supplementation can help decrease inflammation in the body. Some people benefit from taking a low-dose baby aspirin or medication called LDN. A gentle detoxification may also be useful; Vitamin C, green drinks, binders, antioxidants like NAC or milk thistle. Speak to your doctor about treatment ideas.

  • If you’re not getting enough rest or enough of your personal needs met, you may feel “fiery” as in short-tempered, impatient, irritable. These feelings are your body’s way of asking you to prioritize yourself ASAP.

  • Channel that passion for learning because this can help you realize a higher potential and possibly even a new calling.

  • There may be an imbalance in a relationship as in not feeling a spark or needing to make time in your busy schedule to, you know, wink, wink. Get your passions on! 🔥

The fire rune’s energy is linked to…

  • Willow trees.

  • Water lilies.

  • The moon.

  • The months of April and May.

  • Pearls.

  • Wearing the color deep green.

This “god” rune is paired with the Healing card today. Here’s how it can be read with this card:

  • Focusing on what brings you joy can help you, or a relationship, with health and healing.

  • A blessing you receive may feel healing in some way, possibly related to something you had difficulty achieving or lacked in the past.

  • Creative expression can be healing right now.

  • This may validate the feeling of a divine intervention, or that your prayer is heard.

  • Divine inspiration, spiritual insight and wisdom are helping you and/or others you know heal.

  • Listen to your own inner voice.

  • Study and teaching may be healing.

  • An old soul may give you good advice; this person is highly intelligent and energetic.

  • Whatever has been holding you back will soon be moved out of the way.

To connect with the energy of this rune…

  • Wear dark blue.

  • Wear or meditate with emeralds (or visualize them).

  • Spend time near ash trees.

  • Plant morning glory flowers.

  • Read about the planet Venus and what it symbolizes.

  • Use this month to prioritize, ground and heal.

Take whatever is useful today and leave the rest!

With love,


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