Yesterday’s card was Courage and today we see God is so proud of you!

The God Says cards often appear when there is a situation that has been extra worrying or stressful, and and may be weighing heavily on your mind. These cards are God saying I hear your prayer, I know your fears, and I want you to know you have divine support with this.

If these courage and bravery cards don’t make sense yet, they may with time. Keep in mind, messages from above aren’t always referencing the big things. You may not be crediting yourself for the courage it took to do something that you may judge as a small thing, but God knows what small things are really big things for your mental, emotional, physical or spiritual growth.

Before you quickly move on to the next thing, take a moment to feel proud of yourself. Reflect on the hardships you’ve braved through. All the battles—big and small—that you hustled through. The times you stood up for yourself. The times you refused to settle. The times you didn’t think you could do something but you did.

You are brave. Stand tall today knowing you have a long line of angels and ancestors in Heaven celebrating your past victories and future accomplishments.

And don’t forget to rest. Life can require a ton of energy in so many directions at times. When you rest, God can rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with love.