If this is the first you are hearing of said gold cube, I ask that you sit with the knowledge and see what it brings up for you. It is of the utmost importance that we have a grasp of our own inner landscape prior to exposure of summations from external sources.

That said. Art is a medium through which emotions can be incited and life, altered. Whether it renews our ability to love, stokes the fire of our desires, causes us to yearn, or stirs our outrage; it is an extension of that power if the work is even remotely responsible for shifting our orientation in the world. Sometimes art manifests accidentally, somewhere we wouldn’t ordinarily expect it to take root.

Gold has inherent value being that it has come from our Earth. Its energetic value. Its nuclear composition. Added value for the sweat and effort of the person(s) who mined for it. As for the monetary value, that is imagined. It just so happens that multiple people choose to agree on said imagined monetary value and thus it is so a part of a shared reality. However. Gold cannot be grown for consumption or eaten. It is not used to shelter from the elements. In so being, gold does not have the singular ability to satisfy any of our basic needs. Largely, we do not even take advantage of its energetic properties in the way that we should, in which Gold connects us to higher intelligence, spiritual awareness, and opens us to higher states of vibration.

Ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians, worked with and wore gold, jewels, and stones for their energetic and metaphysical properties as well as their beauty, but the value was not calculated in terms of the idea of money. Wealth, yes. Wealth does not truly lie in the concept of money or the accruement of possessions. For most of our history as humans, wealth itself has been interpreted as the connection one had to their soul, this earth, and the expanse of the Universe. Since the value was not in amassing copious amounts or surplus, the energy of lack did not prevail. In today’s society there is a gross overgrowth of accumulating more than what one needs to survive and thrive, thus throwing the perfect balance that is available into a battle of extremes. Wherever there is extreme greed there will be extreme lack. The only way to do away with one is to do away with the other. Despite what the powers that be want us to believe, in order to keep grinding our lives into dust, there is more than enough for everyone to have more than enough. Scarcity is an illusion that we have been spoon-fed for lifetimes.

I believe that this work of art, intentionally or not, gives form to the notion that money and wealth are part of a grand illusion. The gold cube sits there, not contributing to the wellness of society, shelter or food, yet people are affected by its assigned value and what it symbolizes. At the surface level that is. $11.7 million is what it has been valued at. Realize that this monetary value is simply what has been agreed upon by the powers that be. The reality is that even by putting every single penny of the $11.7 million into food and shelter, it still would not solve the issue of lack and poverty that persists. It would be a great notion but ultimately it would not achieve the aims we would hope. What must occur is the redistribution of access to livelihood, purpose, the earth’s beauty, and living the life one so chooses. Not contribution by force or hostage. Not through material slavery.

At the very least, the cube can show the absurdity of more value being placed on the things on this planet as opposed to the people. As opposed to the value we place on ourselves. I believe that this is a manifestation of our collective lack of connection to our higher self and source. There is a righteousness in consciousness, there by which to not only determine the current state of ourselves and the world but to take action to rectify it. In its seeming simplicity, the display of this cube has the potentiality to dislodge from us the parasitic idea that wealth is outside of ourselves. Dismantle the illusion that any one person should have more ability to thrive than another, and do away with our complacency and acceptance of that as a part of our reality. There are some of us who will be set ablaze by the inequity of this all. Good. May it cause us to take righteous action from the viewpoint of building society anew, not simply remaking its bed with new covers. For all that is possible and all that can be. So be uncomfortable. Be angry. Be dissatisfied. Then do something to change this collective reality. Or, simply change the reality you participate in. Allow your beliefs and what you accept to be truth, shift.

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So much love…

~Lola ❤