Hello! My name is Conor "Leaf" Erickson. I am a 23 year old artist from upstate New York.

Hello! My name is Conor "Leaf" Erickson. I am currently producing Fan-art as well as original content to strengthen my artistic foundations. Art has been, and always will be my passion. I suffer from some  chronic mental health illnesses that prevent me from working a basic 9-5 job, or even really going out in public. I won't go into detail about them. Its not supposed to be a woe-is-me sob story. Plus only my closest friends and family know the details. It is tough but very thankfully it doesn't effect my ability to do art. However I am struggling to afford supplies regardless and would like to thank you in advance for any and all donations. Thank you!! 

Find me on Instagram: @Leaf_erickson_art

Find me on Facebook: Leaf Erickson Art

Find me on Deviant-Art: "TheCunningSnail"

Someone bought a coffee.

luv ur art <3. Keep it up the great work!