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I'm a homeschooling mom, blogger, and new author. Writing has always been a passion of mine. I’ve written some short stories and poems, and have recently completed my first novel: HIDDEN KNIGHT: A NOVEL OF A BEAR, for which and am pursuing publication. I’m currently writing a second novel, DAYDREAM. Subscribe for important updates and follow me at

My novels are inspired by my childhood fantasies—and sometimes my own children, who give me plenty of fodder for thought. My children enrich my life, and I'm grateful for the ability to nurture our relationships through homeschooling. You can follow our homeschooling journey on Navigating Homeschooling

My husband is pastor, but also a writer and blogger on the side; so we enjoy running our ideas by each other. 

Homeschooling and writing are hard work. Coffee keeps me sane, so if you want to keep my creative brain cells alive, please buy me a cup. ☕

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Leanna Rapier