My mission to launch a new creative project or product every day started at the beginning of April 2020 about 3 weeks into COVID 19 Global Lockdown. For the full explanation of my reasons for Launching a project every day listen to Podcast Launch Lessons

I have been recently getting requests for a full list of all the projects to launched so far.

So without further delay, my Lee Launches Daily Mission Log.

Apr 1: Animated Gif - Invite your Zoom attendees to support you.

Apr 2: Brandable Virtual Backgrounds for Zoom

Apr 3: Created a write up of the Zoom backgrounds

Apr 6: Launched my Freelance course for the cost of few coffees

Apr 7: Launched an Animated Logo Intro Template

Apr 8: Created a how to use the ALIT youtube video

Apr 9: Launched a DIY youtube branding kit

Apr 10: Launched my Lee Launches membership

Apr 13: Made a Watch me Launch 20-second timelapse gif

Apr 14: Made a Full Watch me Launch video on youtube

Apr 15: Made the DIY youtube branding kit Canva compatible

Apr 16: Launched a list of DIY Animation resources

Apr 17: Launched a list of COVID 19 Explainer Videos

Apr 20: Launched a list of Freelance online resources

Apr 21: Launched my list of legendary local shops during COVID 19

Apr 22: Launched is list of tools to earn and brand Zoom events

Apr 23: Launched Explainer Bot

Apr 28: Launched Podcast Brand Cover Art Kit

Apr 29: Added more design options to the Podcast Cover Art kit

Apr 30: Launched website

May 1: Launched Lees Links

May 4: Animation of an idea for freelance/remote work teams

May 5: Launched the Launch Lessons Podcast

May 6: Launched Mr Explainer AI website

May 8: Further developed The Launch Dashboard for remote teams idea

May 11: A What should Lee Launch next poll

May 12: I Launch a Podcast Resources

May 13: I Launched Lee's Lunches

May 14: I Launched online payments for anything resources

May 15: I Launched a list of sack the DJ music resources

May 18: I launched a pre-order page for Launch Dashboards

May 19: 10 pieces of animated content for Lee's Lunches

May 20: I created a How to create editable digital products video

More to follow as the project continues!