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Launch almost anything Zoom strategy session

Almost midnight here! Way past bedtime! ⏲️Todays 🚀Launch...I am inviting you to a Launch almost anything Zoom strategy sessionJun 12, 2020 2:30 PM LondonGet access for a few coffees... more

29 May

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Daily Mission Launch Log

My mission to launch a new creative project or product every day started at the beginning of April 2020 about 3 weeks into COVID 19 Global Lockdown. For the full explanation of my reasons for... more

08 May

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Zoom Branded Custom Virtual Backgrounds

I am sure you don't need me to tell you how Zoom has become an important tool for remote working... Zoom is being used for everything from Virtual team meetings to Virtual School Proms to... more

02 April


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Accept Support for Zoom Meetings

So here is a quick write up of the short animated gif I made of how to accept monetary support from your Zoom attendees using Buy me a coffee.Even though I work from home I can not remember a time... more

01 April

Thanks Nick ! Side Hustle Nation fuels me like caffeine ;) 

23 January

Thanks Olivia! That mighty kind ! 

07 January