So 4 months ago I had a dream now it’s become a reality...

introducing you to our new venue this will be a space where we plan to create a dressing room stored with dresses and suites it will also be a safe space for the bridal party to get their hair, nails & make up completed ready 💕 we plan to drape the ceilings and fit new lighting get tables & chairs create a wedding arch and apply for a licence to marry on site 🥰

so how is this all possible?... I’ve contacted every sector of the industry all businesses involved are offering there time and services for free to offer the full wedding package. I also asked the general public for their help and was overwhelmed with donations of dresses suits, flowers, shoes even decor which is absolutely phenomenal currently the only fees they are required to pay are the registry fees which we are also working on ❤️

we want this to be as special as it should be ❤️ Creating those special memories is so very important ❤️