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Born in Madrid, Spain, in November 1962. Environmental biologist, engaged in environmental education in the 1980-90s.

The Great Re-conversion: I moved in 2001 to China, where I work since 2004 in a translations agency. PhD in Tibetan tudies (2013).

Second Great Re-conversion (2016~), with three ingredients: the Nor'atlantic, humanism and artisanism.

Buiding up what is arguably the largest graphic archive of Nor'atlantic (mostly Reykjavík, though) street art (around 750 images by May 2021), representing mainly two specific aspects of folk culture prominent in the streets, which I label fachadas en verso and the line, archive publicly visible in my photo site.

That about past and present. It has been a lot of work (and money) put into it since 2016.

And next...? A three-tier scale:

Tier 1: buy me coffee! Aim: funding my ongoing Nor'atlantic investigations in their present form. On a roughly approximate estimation (composed only of my present expenses on keeping things alive online: my websites, my e-mail account and other electronic tools I depend on for my online presence), I bet that twenty 1-coffee-per-month subscribers would make it (or fewer, if some decided to contribute more than one coffee per month). 

Tier 2: shall you invite me? Aim: devote myself full time to it. I can think of lots of improvements for my endeavour (from much more continuous on-site campaigns, many more photos to add to the archive, organizing its to-this-day rather flimsy structure, locating each piece of street art on the map, getting in touch with the local communities..., you name it... Not less than masterful!), which I could only undertake by leaving my job and leaving China. That means more money and/or hospitality... Shall you invite me?🤗

Tier 3: I patron you! My ultimate goal far surpasses what may seem just a queer curiosity on street art. I conceive it as building up a community to showcase and share their (on the understanding now that 'you' and 'they' in this tier 3 means Nor'atlantic folks, from Faroe, Norse-Gaelic Scotland and Mann, Ireland, Iceland and Greenland) cultural assets, true personal pieces of Nor'atlantic material and intangible culture. Workshops, visits in person from me or in petit comité, online gatherings, craft-and-arts visits, top-notch "weepie" get-togethers... I dream big!!

You think it is worth? 

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