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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!
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Thank you for coming through to Upstate! I was having a horrible day and you made it so much better thank you

Hey Sara! Thank you so much! I'm glad I made you feel a little better and I wish you better days! 

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Leighann - I heard you on The Graceful Atheist and tonight I tuned into Nathan Lents partially because I saw you were hosting! I appreciate how you combine comedy with honesty and hard questions. It's a brilliant mix. Thanks for being in the world!

Wow! Thanks for the coffee and the very kind words! 

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Leighann should change her Twitter handle to VeryVeryFunnyLady.

Thank you so much!

Stan Halbert
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Glad I ran across you.  Funny, smart, cute, incisive, a sceptic and a Trekkie. You check a lot of the boxes.

Thank you very much!

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