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My name is Tezeta and I absolutely love all things Fandom! I love talking about Fandoms, introducing people and being introduced to new Fandoms, and diving head first into new Fandoms! In my first ever podcast "Let's Talk Fandoms", I talk with friends about our experiences in fandom culture as we dive deep into topics that we all know and love and some that might be lesser known. We want to create a safe, welcoming, exciting and ever expanding space where anyone can talk all things fandom with others. We want to hear from you too. Tell us your thoughts on topics we cover, why you agree (or maybe why you don't agree with us), keep us informed on new and old fandoms, keep the conversation going and we can all expand our own fandom experiences, make new friends, and continue the conversation. Leave messages, tweets, comments and emails about your fandoms. Don't know what to contribute to the conversation? How have your fandoms shaped you into the person you are now, what was the first fandom you willingly (or knowingly) participated in, what are you currently unable to stop obsessing/gushing/talking about? Anything really, we just want to hear what's on your mind.

*Warning* Podcast does include heavy Spoilers.
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