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Hello, you sexy people!  Most of you already know, but I used to work for mainstream media.  I did it for nearly 3 decades...and well, candidly, I was no longer happy or feeling good about what I was doing. Don't get me wrong--I had an amazing career and wouldn't trade it for anything...but it was time to do something that brings me joy every day. 

On the surface, you might think well...duh--sex is always fun to talk about.  But my podcast, Consenting Adults, is SO MUCH MORE than just a show about sexuality.  It's about getting wiser with age, loving who and what you are--not caring so much about what others may say-- and being so comfortable in your own skin that you want to savor every experience.  This show is about confidence, trust, and honesty. 

I KNEW the subject matter would be taboo.  I knew some people would not be happy with me for providing the platform.  But I also knew there were so many more people living a secret life because they're afraid of being judged.  Despite living in the shadows--they're fully content and leading vibrant lives in middle age. (and beyond!)

So it's been a year since I launched the podcast.  It's been A LOT of hard work, long hours, and sore muscles.  (from editing--get your mind out of the gutter).  It's really a labor of love.  Your support helps keep the conversation going!

Leyna Nguyen host of Consenting Adults

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