Series: A New Perspective
Title: Stop There, and Let Me Correct It
Rating: Mature
WC: ~72k (For now)
Tags: Canon Compliant, Season/Series 01, Canon Rewrite, POV Stiles Stilinski, Bad Friend Scott McCall (Teen Wolf), Missing Scene, Minor Allison Argent/Scott McCall, Canon-Typical Violence, POV Derek Hale, Torture

Summary: When Stiles’ late night stroll with his best friend ends in said friend being turned in a howling creature of the night, he does his best to cope with his now batshit crazy life.


The first in a series of episode by episode rewrites of Teen Wolf from Stiles’ perspective, including missing scenes as I imagine they might’ve been, and a few dialogue changes. Canon compliant for Season 1, but later seasons will be Canon Divergent.

Notes: Sorry I forgot to post when I updated this fic last Saturday, I will be updating again next Saturday.