Title: I Need to Show How Much I Can Come and Go
Rating: Teen & Up
Chapters: 1/8
WC: ~10k (for now)
Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Canon Rewrite, Post-Season/Series 02, Pre-Season/Series 03, POV Stiles Stilinski, POV Derek Hale, Missing Scene, Pack Feels, Pack Bonding, Stiles Stilinski is Part of the Hale Pack, Good Alpha Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski's Name is Mieczysław 

Summary: In the midst of searching for Erica and Boyd, Stiles has to learn to get along with the rest of Derek's pack, not to mention Derek himself. It's a process.


The third installation in a series of episode-by-episode rewrites of Teen Wolf from Stiles' & Derek's perspectives, including missing scenes, dialogue changes, and minor plot adjustments. A rendition of the missing summer between Seasons 2 and 3A. Canon-Divergent for Season 2, leading up to Season 3.