Hopefully, by now I am sure most of you have already established a couple of new year resolutions that will make you a better you... That's okay and also very important.

For me this New Year I decided to do things differently by asking myself this unique and awkward question: What am I holding onto that's holding me back? What is weighing me down because I've refused to let it go?

I need you to join me in this honest & fairly awkward evaluation and ask yourself this one question asked in several different ways: What are you dragging around that's slowing you down? ....That one thing that you are compelled to keep it hidden that you don't want him/her/them to ever find out? Newsflash! The truth is they know something's up! And the truth is, you are not just hurting yourself by dragging this thing around. You are hurting the people around you and the people whom you love and those who love you.

Another harsh fact is that this thing - this thing has eventually made your life complicated. Something that maybe started as a part time, not really serious, has now eventually become a pathway, a habit that has made you a slave to it and now is now choking you killing your peace because of your guilt conscience. Certainly, you are now not at peace with yourself.

Okay too deep, too soon. Let me ask in a much simpler way: Is there a pleasure that is undermining your own happiness? Is there a pleasure that is beginning to undermine your happiness? You have said yes so many times that now you're slowly losing your freedom to say no... That not only do you answer the door every time that door rings, you find yourself staring out the window hoping it's gonna show up soon...? Is there a pleasure that is slowly making you a prisoner without meaning to? Now you definitely know the answer to this question.

One day you will wish you'd quit answering the door... maybe look back and wonder why you are so unhappy and perhaps today by God's Grace this New Year 2021 is inviting you to trade "your thing" for a new chapter - an exchange you will never ever regret.

Honestly, that thing you have been dragging for years or months now, what good has it brought you? What value has it brought in your life? Nothing! Then why allow it to influence you into bad decisions, bad relationships or even bad friends for another (bad) year??We both can agree that it's time to cut it off!

Definitely, this year can be better, much better than last year only if you can be honest with yourself to identify this one thing that's dragging you down and cut it off completely. Simply get if off and out of your way for good.

I can't help but maybe think of a few examples of what we are referring to here such as anger issues, a bad habit, jealousy, alcohol or substance abuse, a bad friendship, maybe a friend, could be a group of friends, a boyfriend/girlfriend maybe... You owe it to yourself and your future you: You've got to let it go! Actually it could even be a form of entertainment or maybe it's gaming for you.

This maybe is something that you need to quit for now that you don't necessarily need to let go off in future. Remember every season of life requires different things from us. This could mean activities such as exercising or hitting the gym - in a way that affect you and the people around you.

Friends, this New Year 2021 is offering you a chance to start over and get it right. Just like Americans are starting over a new chapter with Biden's new administration, you too can start over your life and set things straight. You might never get another chance so take it up and run with it.

Here's something to think about: Life has enough unavoidable pain. That things will just go wrong sometimes even if you were perfect. So why in the world would you add more pain to an otherwise painful existence? This really breaks my heart because this could be avoided.

All the best & cheers to 2021!!