Hey Guys and Gals :) How's it going? My name is Taeja Williams and I'm new to this platform. I am an aspiring writer from San Antonio, TX who is going back to school to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing. I will be honest, making the decision to go back to school hasn't been the easiest choice for me to make because I wasn't sure if I was going to succeed as a writer due to me thinking I wasn't that good but after writing a few pieces that I'm actually proud of writing, I now feel confident enough to share my writing journey with the world and build my writing portfolio as I progress in school. I'm really excited to share my journey with you guys as 2021 approaches :) :) :)

In my opinion, 2020 has been challenging and it involved a lot of ups and downs for me all around mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically but I have faith 2021 will be a great year and fresh start for me to accomplish goals I been needing to accomplish for years, So I'm pretty much doing my entire procrastination list from 2014 to 2020 all in 2021 (If that makes sense lol ) Geesh, yea I been doing a lot of procrastinating from the time I graduated High School to now so it's time to get busy.

Man oh Man, I'm very excited to share my journey with you guys. I'll be sharing writing pieces, lifestyle tips from cheaper ways to organize your closet/ room overall all the way to sharing natural cleaning hacks for your daily cleaning routines :) I may even post videos on here, I'm not sure yet but I will post once or twice a week or at least try to since I'm going back to school lol :)

Anyway, Thanks for reading and I look forward to start 2021 on a clean slate because Lord knows I need it lol Alright I'll talk to y'all later :)