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My name is Eliza Mason. When my friend Gerry said “You should paddle with me across the Bass Strait, we’re raising awareness for PTSD.” there was no chance that I was going to pass on such an opportunity. If I can help others to realise their potential and reignite their passion for life, I feel it is my responsibility to do so.

I have always been fascinated by the human body and mind. How far can I push myself? Do I have a limit? Is the limiting factor my mind? How can I strengthen my mind to increase my limit?

At 17 I began my solo travels. Europe, Africa, Canada, New Zealand. Over the years I would climb mountains, pitch many tents in the African wilderness, almost freeze to death, starve, learn language, dance with a witch doctor, gallop from wildebeests, witness deaths, experience absolute isolation, get hurled off a waterfall, paddle through a whirlpool and encounter the very best and very worst of humanity.

Not surprisingly I found myself with a lifetime of experiences, not all were pleasant. From not addressing traumas that I had experienced myself, I quickly deteriorated into a severe depression, PTSD and crippling anxiety. I withdrew from my friends and family and disappeared as I tried to cope, alone, with what was going on inside my mind.

Nobody should ever have to face PTSD alone, and this is why I am committing to Paddling the Bass Straight, to raise awareness so that anyone out there watching or benefiting from our fundraising can feel supported and heard.

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