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"Hey, my name is Rima. I'm the mother of the sweet and beautiful Liliia. Last June, Liliia looked a little pale. She was very weak, and as the days went by, she started to walk less than the day before. I was terrified, I thought she might have anemia. We took her for blood tests and from there, our lives just stopped.
My husband and I, are sitting in front of the doctor who can't even look us in the eye. He tells us that the tests show Lilia has leukemia.
"Cancer? To my Lily? It can't be" I tell him. My husband sat with his face in his palms and began to shake.
I couldn't believe the doctor. They took my Lily to intensive care, and for three whole days, I sat in the waiting room, waiting for her to come out.
I was sure it was a mistake. I'm positive. It can't be. Not my Liliia. Not my little daughter.
They are wrong, they are all wrong. Even doctors are wrong sometimes!! 😢
After three days I held her little hand that was already connected to all kinds of tubes, and I realized, my little girl is fighting for her life. I burst into tears. I looked at her sleeping, and felt fear in my stomach from which came a terrible cry: "Could it be that my daughter will die? My daughter??"
Since then, we've been at war. The doctors are struggling to save her. They try to stabilize her enough to give her chemo treatment. She had a severe brain infection and was taken for surgery. Since the surgery, she isn't the same Lily. Everyone who approaches her, even us sometimes, makes her cry hysterically. My daughter is falling apart from suffering and fear that she doesn't understand fully what's going on, we are scared for her. 😰
We have already paid all of the money we had and the money our parents gave us to take care of Liliia. We have nothing left. We know that if we don't have how to pay, we will lose our girl. We don't dare to say it out loud, But we must. For her. We can't lose our girl. We can't, please help us save her. Any contribution you make to Liliia will help. Please don't ignore this!! "🙏😓


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