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Hey! 👋 I've dedicated a lot of time to provide you with helpful and free content on how to succeed in the pre-med journey & medical school. If you found my page helpful, you can buy me a coffee! My sleep-deprived self will thank you!

Kassandra Dindinger-Hill
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Thanks for your invaluable insight and advice about the med student life! I'm a current M2 gearing up for Step 1, and your journey is inspiring! Wishing you all the best during interview season!

Thank you SOO much!!! Good luck on Step 1! You've got this!! 

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Thank you for taking the time to share your advice, it's been so helpful for me and I wish I had discovered you and your blog sooner! You are goals! I look up to you so much :') Never change. Hope you enjoy coffee on me and maybe one day if we are both in OC we can have coffee in person <3