When I initially decided to create my podcast "Listening with Limelight", I was not sure what topic to center it around. I thought should I discuss being a woman, being an on the cusp millennial, being a person of color? So many topics to choose from, while still trying to be authentically me. I just knew that I wanted to share stories about my life. Then one day I decided to focus my podcast on "self-awareness" a topic where I have learned so much about myself yet have more growing to do. If you have tuned in to my podcast you know that I discuss self-awareness and friendships, remorse after accomplishments, feeling beautiful in my skin, and much more. We spend so much of our lives pouring into others, taking care of others, even trying to change others. What I know to be true is we have the most control over ourselves, and we owe it to ourselves to be our subject matter experts. I hope that you can take a moment to listen to an episode and see if this topic resonates with you.