Buy Linzi Marie Page a train ticket!


Hi all!

I'm Linzi and I live with chronic pain following a back injury.  After struggling with this for a while and working full time I decided to make some big changes so that I can help myself more and help others.

I'm going to college to study as a Massage Therapist so that I can learn more about my physiology and manage my condition and can then transfer my knowledge to helping others find comfort.

It's a huge leap of faith as I'm leaving my job with no savings and I'm about to start a new job and take on college at the same time!

I originally set this account up ask for help with my college fees but I think I've secured those! I have since altered my goal to ask for any help with travel costs (about £250 for the year) and I would be so grateful for every train ticket you help me with! 

Thank you all and take care!