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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You could now buy me a Paintbrush!

Shackled, but undeterred, by the debilitating and recurring illness known as M.E. I continue to hone my skills when I can - a refuge, a meditation, a celebration.

I often use my paintings to raise awareness of ME/CFS as part of the #MEawarenessHour on Twitter.

With my work I hope to share with the viewer some of my sense of wonder and vibrancy and excitement in existence through light and colour and line. 

 'Fish Called Wonder' is the latest series of works exploring koi – symbols of love and friendship in Japan.

If you like my work and might like to own a piece do get in touch.

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Thank you for enhancing our lives and cause with your beautiful colourful art works 💋 x

Lovely Cat, thankyou so much for buying me a coffee. You've really made my day. Have a great day and take care of yourself 😊 

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Hi Lizzy, How lovely, Thankyou for my Coffee, very much appreciated. I hope you are staying safe in these difficult times 😊😊😘

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Thankyou Tijn, very much appreciated. I hope you are staying well in these difficult times. 😊😊

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