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I'm an at-home mom, movement teacher, and writer. I teach two free weekly community T’ai Chi Chih® classes as a service and to spread the gift of this healing discipline. Students and other supporters have asked how they can contribute. Now, you can virtually support this cause by buying me a "latte" or becoming a supporting member. 

 T’ai Chi Chih® is a joyful and relaxing inner discipline, or moving meditation. Great health benefits can come from regular practice.  Lisa’s two free classes meet over Zoom with an audience that spans the country and sometimes the world. Everyone is welcome in either class! Newbies can turn off their video during practice in order to learn without self-consciousness.

What really make a difference are my supporting members to whom I provide a more personal connection. In order to show my appreciation for you, I plan to make available various types of private content to those who are interested, starting with meditation and practice videos, and branching out into articles, writing, and even poetry.

Private T’ai Chi Chih, Seijaku (advanced T’ai Chi Chih) and candidate mentoring sessions to prepare for teacher accreditation are available by request.  See my website for more details.