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Hey, I'm Livaco and I'm a software/web developer. Most of my time is spent making mods for games, but I do make other pieces of regular software.

I'm really interested in Space and Astronomy, so most of my current projects are centered around that area, however I'm still working on normal projects too.

Some of the places to find my work:

Gmodstore - My primary source of income outside of donations, I sell server content for Garry's Mod there. A good example of my programming/modelling knowledge.

KSP Forums - I'm also currently making Planet Packs for Kerbal Space Program. You can find them here.

Github - My primary dumping ground for code.

Other things I've made:

Interstellar - A discord bot based around space and astronomy. Interstellar is currently the best space discord bot on discord.

PlanetPaper - A wallpaper engine wallpaper that gives you a wallpaper of every planet in the solar system.

Other places I'm at:

My Discord Server

That's all I really have to say. :)


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