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My pain started when I was 14 yrs old, I was the oldest of 4 siblings so devoting extra time & attention to something my mother didn't feel was “real enough” wasn't about to happen

At first the pain was showing up as the worst pms week ever combined with horrible cramps during my cycle. Then it progressed to pain on the days I wasn’t on my period , crazy cycles of breakthrough bleeding and I began to miss several days of work monthly. And then it hit the level where I was bleeding more than not, extreme fatigue, and none of the hormones or procedures seemed to help. 

I was a single mother raising 2 kids with no energy, extreme brain fog and I felt defeated no matter what I tried. Depression began to set in as I sat around waiting on my hysterectomy since the lupron wasn’t the godsend I was promised. All it brought was extreme weight gain, a body that hurt to move no matter what I did and somehow my pain that was supposed to stop took a turn for the worse

While prepping for my hysterectomy,  I felt there were no other options to manage my pain and in all honesty I had given up on ever having a so-called normal life. Which is why  I began searching for more holistic ways to manage my symptoms since my surgery was 5 months away, and that’s when I discovered the power of functional medicine combined with lifestyle changes that turned my life upside down… for the better!!!  No more crazy intense exercise 7 days a week to lose weight, no more popping narcotics every four hours to keep pain at bay and no more calling into work 2 weeks out of the month for what they thought was “period pain”.  

Being diagnosed with endometriosis has taught me that I'm much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for! Also made me realize that I can heal myself naturally while realizing that endo is not a death sentence.  Endometriosis has made me truly appreciate all the good days and the bad days; and it's what motivates and empowers me to support my community of endowarriors.   

My goal  is to let those diagnosed with endometriosis know that you don't have to suffer, that your pain is real, however remembering it does not control your destiny and it is not the end of your story. My endometriosis practice truly stems from my own journey of it  taking 16 years to get diagnosed with endometriosis and to fill the gap I see in brown and black communities when it comes to getting a proper diagnosis, natural treatment options and women’s health advocacy.

Dr. Lj Johnson PsyD. IHP. FDNP. IIN